Horsechestnut for Varicose veins


Horsechestnut cannot be eaten, but an extract which has  active ingredients has been used for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.  

Saponins are major active constituents referred to as escin,  mixture of over thirty pentacyclic triterpene diester glycosides.

Numerous clinical trials have shown that the oral administration of the standardized grade of Horsechestnut seed can effectively treat chronic venous insufficiency in a large percentage of cases.

Many double-blind, placebo-controlled studies suggest it to be more effective than the  use of compression stockings.

It  improves venous tone, and does not affect  arterial flow or cause hypertension. It also decrease blood volume in the leg and has been shown to better than  support stockings in regards to this outcome. Patients consistently report reduced Image
swelling, heaviness, pain, and fatigue with the use of Horsechestnut seed extract

try natural supplement containing horsechestnut  

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